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COMSTRAT 561 - Persuasion for Professional Communucations

Our focus in COMSTRAT 561 Persuasion for Professional Communicators is on learning, analyzing and applying “principles of strategic persuasion to advocate for a single political or social issue.”  To do this we were tasked with creating a facebook page on an issue to persuade using learned theories, concepts, and strategies via a social media platform.

The class was asked to “curate” the news on this issue and to link news stories, videos, tweets, etc. to this site, which must also include exemplars of various types of persuasive messages and appeals (as specified in lessons 5, 6, and 7.) In addition, the class will be required to write and post 3 or more “opinion pieces” on the issue, in an attempt to synthesize the evidence for the issue in a way that is persuasive to an intended audience.

Facebook Advocacy Final Presentation

Please feel free to look at my complete powerpoint presentation (pptx) with videos here.
Alaska Against Synthetic Drug Powerpoint Presentation.


Attached are the three opinion pieces I created and posted on the Alaska Against Synthetic Drugs Facebook I created:

Attached is the voice thread presentation I created

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