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COM 563 - Ethics for Communications Professionals

In terms of time commitment and learning retention, Ethics was probably one of my most difficult classes to date but also the most rewarding.  The class allows students to explore the theories and reasoning behind certain principals in communication and learning how and why judgments are made.

By learning some key theories we were provided the tools needed to utilize ethical reasoning in many circumstances that arise in places of business in today’s global economy.

For the final project, we were asked to find a recent example in the media that exemplified an ethical conflict or issue and present our topic on Voicethread along with an outline. According to the syllabus, the final project was to include: a summary of the situation, explanation of the ethical principles and theories relevant to the situation, and an analysis of the various choices available and the choice that was made, using the relevant ethical principles.

I decided to do my presentation on the Takata Airbag Recall. Takata supplied airbags contain an ammonium nitrate propellant, which is extra sensitive and are triggered mostly in high temperature and humid areas. When these airbags are triggered they explode and can send debris and shrapnel into the driver and passengers faces and neck. The malfunctioning airbags have contributed to more than 10 deaths and 100 injuries in the United States alone.

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