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Oki!  (hello!)

Laci Michaud, is born and raised Alaskan, originally from Valdez. She is a self taught mixed-media and graphic design artist of French-Canadian, German and Blackfeet Nation descent.

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Laci's style favors contemporary, macabre and bohemian interior design. Her work can also feature underlying styles of modern indigenous art.


The non-typical canvas of (ethically sourced) skulls and bones produces a coveted niche selection of art and decor. Primarily focusing on the visual art form of mixed media her creations use hand-painting, precious metal leafing, decoupage, high-quality crystals and stones, etc.


Preferring to collect her canvases from the woods and tundra of Alaska, Laci also works directly with small local taxidermy shops, trappers and hunters to procure any unwanted skulls and bones that would have been unused and sent to the trash. She also finds many of her canvases at estate sales and auction houses, where she can give a second life to her canvas that once adorned a happy home. Laci continually makes efforts that no animal is/was harmed for the sole intent to create art, but as reminder that we can give thanks for gifts of the animals that sustain us while we utilize and appreciate all parts of the animal.


Anchorage, Alaska

Starting in December 2022 I will be featured at Penny Royalty, a lovely boutique vintage store, for Spenard's Second Saturday. 

Penny Royalty contact information: 1241 W. 27th Ave (across from Bears Tooth) Anchorage, Alaska SOCIAL MEDIA: • •

Valdez, Alaska

I have partnered with my hometown's best and newest local boutique store, the Salty Lupine, located in Valdez, Alaska. You can find some of my art pieces at the Salty Lupine store for purchase.

Salty Lupine contact information: (907) 831-0472

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